3 Ocak 2008 Perşembe

Papagan Hirsiz, ve doberman

Gecenin bir yarisi hirsizin biri bir eve girmis. Etrafa bakinirken birden bir ses duymus:
- Polis herseyi goruyor, diye.
Hemen korkudan lambayla kim dedi diye etrafa bakiyormus ama kimse yok. Tekrar o sesi duymus:
- Polis herseyi goruyor, diye.
Hirsiz bu sefer korkudan kacmaya karar vermis ve tam camdan atlarken, bakmis ki perdenin arkasinda bir papagan var. Papagan'a yaklasmis ve sormus:
- Sen mi diyordun, polis her seyi goruyor, diye.
- Evet
- Senin ismin ne?
- Sekretergibicokkonusanpapagan.
- Hangi salak sana bu ismi koydu?
- Evin dobermanina polis ismini koyan salak...

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Professor Howdy dedi ki...

Very good posting.
Thank you - Have a good day!!!


Solve these riddles
if you can:

Can you figure out
these well known

A) A rotating fragment
of mineral collects no
bryophytic plants.

B) Under no circumstances
compute the number of your
barnyard fowl previous to
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C) A feathered biped in
the terminal part of the
arm equals in value a pair
of feathered bipeds in densely
branched shrubbery.

D) Everything is legitimate
in matters pertaining to
ardent affection and armed
conflict between nations.

Best Wishes For
A Great 2008,
Dr. Howdy

P.S. You can find the answers on my blog -
It's one of the links below:O)

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Tell me sometime what your
thoughts are about all this
and whether you figured
out this riddle or not:O)